Chasing Athens by Marissa Tejada


Marissa Tejada is the author of Chasing Athens, an acclaimed

romantic comedy/women’s fiction novel set in Greece.

Looking for a Relaxing SummeMarissa-Tejadar Read Set in Greece?

“What is truly incredible about Chasing Athens is Marissa Tejada’s ability to give the reader reader more than pristine white buildings and water so blue your eyes mist over.

“…She gives us the real Athens that Ava had to contend with including protests, riots and general political unrest. This adds more than a hint of authenticity and it makes Ava’s new life more admirable than the simple vacation glimpse into Greece.”

“I loved watching Ava become a new woman, making her own decisions and learning from her mistakes.”

“Tejada made the streets of Athens come alive on the page, which allowed me to discover Greece right alongside Ava.”

- Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Reviews