Writing Thoughts: Expat Women’s Fiction|Expat Chicklit

Writing Thoughts: Expat Women’s Fiction|Expat Chicklit

I just finished a good expat chick-lit/romantic comedy called Expat Diaries: Single in the City by Michele Gorman.  It was a fun read about a 26-year-old single American named Hannah who decides to try out the expat life in London. The tag line is great:

“Take one twenty-six-year-old American, add to a two thousand year old city, add a big dose of culture clash and stir.”

It had some very funny moments and I enjoyed the story throughout.  I lived in London way back when and some things haven’t changed! I definitely related on the culture clash level and now I live in a country where the native language isn’t English but …. Greek.  They speak it here all the time. Everywhere.  In any case, I happen to like languages and I also love reading expat women’s fiction. The expat lifestyle from every nation has its similarities and then there are those specific things you can only learn or write about if you lived in that country.

Since Chasing Athens has been out readers have expressed how they enjoy reading about present day Greece.  Those who have lived here or still live here related to the details I wrote in.  Place plays a significant role in Chasing Athens as with other expat novels. The bouts of culture shock, dating Mediterranean men and tongue tied attempts at speaking Greek are a few examples of how the location adds to Ava’s story.

athens at nightReviewer Annabel Krantz pointed out how she liked that I didn’t shy away from the realities of that Greeks are facing including the economic crisis, protests, violence and unemployment.  In the end I’d like to think that what Ava witnesses with her friends and experiences on her own offer her lessons about life and love – lessons that are human and real. They become lessons she couldn’t learn anywhere else in the world.

Do you have a favorite expat women’s fiction/chick-lit novel?

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