Writing Thoughts: An Essay on Global Living Inspiration

Writing Thoughts: An Essay on Global Living Inspiration

Issue 14 GLMThe Sept./Oct. issue of Global Living Magazine is out and (eek!) if you check out page 13-14 (below) you’ll find a personal essay I wrote about writing inspiration.  I think we all have dramatic, special, depressing to exhilarating experiences in our life that lead us to want to express ourselves with things we love doing. Some of us turn to writing. I wrote about that and how I found myself wanting to stay as an expat in Europe despite some pretty important things in my life falling apart around me. One great thing that came from it all was my inspiration to write and my first novel was born.

Last night I was having a conversation with a good friend Eftichia (love her name – in Greek it means happiness), a lovely, bright personality who is a travel lover in every sense of the word. She just spent a month exploring Morocco on her own. She confessed to me she is writing something and doesn’t know what to do with it yet or where its all going to lead. My advice to her was to just write. Get it out. Get it out and onto your computer and finish it. If it’s in your heart it needs to be free.  Who cares about grammar, details and the rest?

Looking back it was the most fun part of the process for me – just writing. I had no idea about the editing, rejection, rejection, editing, editing, editing, promotion, marketing and all the rest that would follow. I found the time writing late into the morning after a full day’s work making a living because I believed in sharing that story being shaped in my mind and influenced from the foreign world around me. The second time around will be a different experience, perhaps a wiser one, but I’m sure with its own set of challenges.

In the essay I finish up detailing my road to publication and the success I’ve defined for myself in publishing my first novel. I’ve learned so much about up until this point and as I continue on this not-so-easy to maneuver path I’ll learn a lot more I’m sure.  Now back to that day job and following my own advice — WRITE!

The Expat Writer Page 13


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