Writing Thoughts: Finding Yourself Abroad

Writing Thoughts: Finding Yourself Abroad

One major theme that surfaces in my novel is the idea of finding yourself abroad. Don’t we love these stories in women’s fiction or even memoir?  Think Eat, Pray, Love or Under the Tuscan Sun. There are so many more and I have a few favorites myself.

Finding yourself abroad.

dining in hungary 2What does it mean really?  There is something about being in a foreign place brings out a new or unexplored, even unseen, side of people.  Is that good? Bad? Whatever it is, it makes us grow.  That’s what great stories are about after all – growth.

If you think about it, travel lovers find a change of scenery invigorating even addictive. Travel also opens the mind and it has the power to educate you with real world experience about culture, food, language and history.

I’ve been a journalist most of my career and over the past few years delved into travel writing. It’s now one of my specialties.  I truly get a thrill every time I explore a new place.  My belly gets butterflies and I’m excited to learn by walking, seeing and being in a new destination.

That’s why I was truly touched when one of my first reviews came out from The Affordable Entrepreneur:

“Somehow I have a feeling this will become a classic traveler story.  Not in the same league as On the Road but somewhere up there in that rarified air of travel stories.”

collage travel oneUnderstanding that readers directly related to those travel themes I hoped to convey in my novel truly touches me.  I know travel and expat living has changed me and that’s what inspired me to write.

Getting away from it all is so necessary, I believe, for anyone. Whether it’s a one week vacation to a familiar resort with the family,  a solo-hike on the El Camino in Spain or setting off around some exotic country not knowing where it will take you, I think simply getting out there you’ll find something you needed to find within yourself.

What are your favorite women’s fiction travel /women finding herself abroad stories?



  1. People should definitely travel, totally agree with you! I have watched the movie Eat , Pray, Love and I found it so awesome. One must be able to be in the company of oneself and blend with the rest of the surrounding environment in order to find themselves. Chasing Athens, I found it amazing and recommend it to anyone who is curious to find out more about Greece from an expats perspective!

    • Thank u Elena! Travel & being outside of our comfort zone changes us for sure…


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