Writing for Blogs: Necessary Expression

Writing for Blogs: Necessary Expression

What am I doing in front of a limo making funny hand signs with those folks?  It does have to do with writing.. you’ll see!

I wear three writing hats at the moment.  1) author  2) journalist and travel writer and 3) blogger

I’m going to focus now on writing for blogs. Going into 2015, I have two blogs. This one which focuses on author and journalist Marissa and my travel blog called My Greece, My Travels which focuses on travel writer and travel blogger Marissa. I never thought I’d have two. Thing is that I really enjoy writing for both of them because I love what I do.  In fact, my first blog (the travel blog) simply started because I loved visiting destinations in Greece when I first moved here as an expat.  Updating it was a joy.  Nothing about money or gaining likes or what not.  The people who follow my blogs enjoy my writing and insights which is so great. Same as for me when I discover pretty awesome blogs that I relate to whether they are about expat life, travel, style, politics or whatever.

That’s the beauty of blogs.  They are, to me, a form of expression. You don’t have to be a paid professional writer, photographer or someone “important.” Blogs are about self-publishing ideas and insights and whether you have one or one million followers your insights are just as important — because they are important to you and to whomever chooses to follow your work. I think we can all relate as authors too.

I learned at TBEX and through other bloggers who have been blogging longer than me that there are so many ways these days to monetize off a blog.  After all, isn’t that what a good living is about?  Making a living doing what you love?  Plus blogging for any profession is just good sense all around.  First of all, if your job is something you love doing it should be a pleasure to write about that topic and it is something are a mini-expert or expert in anyway.  Secondly, blogging is a way for people to find you. Maybe you’ll find more work out of the process or get more people to discover your work that would never have had the opportunity in the first place.  While there are so many negative things we can say about social media, we can also try to find the good in it.  I know I’ve discovered and kept social media contact with other like-minded folks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  I think that’s pretty neat. There’s so much chatter out there so it’s wonderful to connect to blogs with ideas and conversations that are meaningful to you.

Me and Elena and the TBG Launch in Athens, Greece

Me and Elena and the TBG Launch in Athens, Greece

My views on blogging is one reason why I co-founded Travel Bloggers Greece with Elena Sergeeva. She founded a few blogs, one is called Passion for Greece and another is Passion for Hospitality. Another is a personal blog called Passion for xoxoES which is her outlet for her love of style. We agreed that although blogging is in its infancy still (even more so where we live in Greece) it would be great to form a local Greece based network of bloggers who are already out there.  These bloggers are professional in their approach whether they do it part-time or full-time and blog about Greece travel or culture in some way.   It’s one thing to know bloggers around the world but another to connect face-to-face. Why not help each other learn and support each other? We all have different strengths, after all. Plus, we all live and are experts in one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

We officially launched on January 18th at the Grecotel Pallas Athena in the center of Athens and it was super. Also, we’ve had wonderful response from the travel industry in Greece looking to connect with local bloggers and from the local and international press.  We also welcome newbie bloggers to encourage not discourage. Check out some photos by the Divajo Photography which ended with a super limo ride around Athens courtesy of Sattas Group.

So, blogging. What is it to me?  It’s a form of necessary expression. We don’t blog one day out of nowhere or because we have to — we want to! Those are the blogs that truly touch people because they come from the heart, they come from interests or ideas or a passion for something.  

Wherever a blog takes the blogger is up to the blogger.  Could be tons of followers or just a handful. It’s self-publishing and its taking off. I’m all for creativity, forms of expression and collaboration. In this new day and age, blogging is proving to be a wonderful outpost for creative minds with so many benefits to match.

Blog on people and express your passion!


  1. So nice to see people setting up an organisation that supports and encourages bloggers to work together.
    Yes, we blog primarily because we’re passionate about what we write about. And if there’s a way to make money from it, even better! But passion comes first.

    Thanks for sharing Marissa.

    • Thanks, Rebecca! :D


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