Summer Reading: Chasing Athens is free on Kindle Unlimited!

Summer Reading: Chasing Athens is free on Kindle Unlimited!

Times have been a bit stressful in Athens. From my last posts I touched on the whole #greferendum, #grexit, #thisisacoup situation that was brewing here in Greece, especially in Athens. Last night, as I walked home from a fun evening of shopping with my friend Aurore, we were suddenly faced with a defiant, thick moving crowd of chanting Greeks.  Some were covering the lower part of their faces with cloth. Tear gas bombs.

We were diverted away, as they were, from Syntagma as a violent episode broke out. At one point we had to pass Syntagma from a block north and from our vantage point we saw cops stomping out in full force as folks scampered farther away from them. At that point, the usually busy downtown streets were eerily dark and empty.  Aurore told me how it reminded her of that scene in my book when my American expat character gets stuck in a violent protest.  Yes, it is a romantic comedy, I promise ;) Being an expat writer in Greece isn’t boring.

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Summer Reading Set in Greece: It’s Safe Here

Back in my living room I watched early into the morning as the Greek Parliament or vouli voted nai or yes to the bailout.  I have my thoughts on that but finally, it seems like there is some conclusion for now. Tough times remain.  It is an emotionally draining time and imagine for the Greek population – very saddening if one ponders over the details. I only hope for the best.

At this point, I can’t wait to take my vacation to just tune out on my Greek island – Serifos. Life goes on.  As I detail in the travel assignments I have been writing for major media, Greece is safe for travel. The situation above was concentrated in front of parliament. Tourists are very welcome. Spending your money and having an amazing time where the sun, sea, food and hospitality are not in crisis is just a great way to support Greece right now.

My own Greek vacation is still a few weeks away. In preparation I have a cue of books and eBooks waiting for hours of calm beach time attention in the Greek sun.  I won’t be buying/reading my own book (ha ha) but I thought it would be great to change things up and join in on Kindle Unlimited so others might add Chasing Athens to their summer reading queue. As of today, my eBook is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

chasing athens on kindle unlimited

chasing athens on kindle unlimited


What is Kindle Unlimited?

”Kindle Unlimited is a subscription that allows you to access a large selection of Kindle books. With the Kindle Unlimited subscription you can access hundreds of thousands of Kindle books and thousands of audiobooks with Whispersync for Voice. You can keep up to ten books at a time and there are no due dates.” –

Even if you are not opted in on the Kindle Unlimited subscription my eBook is also available for just $4.99/€4.49/ £3.23 on Amazon online.  Of course, there is the print version — if you prefer good old paper — which is available for shipping everywhere in the world.  I must add, if you’d like a signed paperback copy and you are in Athens shoot me a note on my website and let me know.

I am very excited to have some friends’ books on my summer list including my fellow expat writer friend Rebecca A Hall’s debut novel called Girl Gone Greek. I’m also excited to read the short story collection called Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul by Angelica Hopes, another expat writer living in Holland. Finally, my American expat writer friend Kim Golden just published her third book in her awesome Maybe… series called Maybe Forever.  I did start it and can’t wait to finish it.  Okay, I don’t just read expat writers. I’ve got Naomi Klein, Dan Brown, Joanne Harris and a few new-to-me women’s fiction authors’ novels to check out too. Oh, and a big fluffy stack of New Yorkers.

Can’t wait to just lounge and read and be surrounded by Greece’s familiar beauty.  Crisis or not.

What’s on your summer reading list? Have any suggestions for me?

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