Summer Reads: Chasing Athens .99 Cent Sale!  

Summer Reads: Chasing Athens .99 Cent Sale!  

Ahh, this pic takes me back to earlier this summer when I traveled with my fellow Travel Bloggers Greece members to discover the beauty of Zakynthos. Yes, the water is that blue.

The photo is fitting to promote my first summer Kindle sale. Chasing Athens is available for $ 0.99 and £ 0.99  on Amazon USA and Amazon UK from August 15-22.

For Kindle Unlimited subscribers, the eBook is free!

So, if you are looking for a romantic comedy/women’s fiction novel set in Athens and the Greek islands… here you go!

These are the links to download your copy today:

Amazon USA and Amazon UK

Spread the word! Hope you are having a great summer.

Praise for Chasing Athens:

chasing athens ad 2“It is more than pristine white buildings and water so blue your eyes mist over. Nope, she gives us the real Athens that Ava had to contend with including protests, riots and general political unrest. This adds more than a hint of authenticity and it makes Ava’s new life more admirable than the simple vacation glimpse into Greece.” – Readers’ Favorite Reviews, Natasha Jackson

“The beauty of Greece comes alive in Tejada’s well-crafted debut novel, a heartwarming tale of a recently-divorced woman struggling to figure out where she belongs.” – International best-selling novelist, Kristin Harmel

“Chasing Athens is a fantastic story of heartbreak, self-discovery and finding love again. I really loved how Marissa depicted Athens so that it came alive for the reader.”  – Award-winning women’s fiction novelist, Kim Golden

“When was the last time you searched for a new book only to find yourself drawn into it so quickly that you could not put the book down? Somehow I have a feeling this will become a classic traveler story.” – The Affordable Entrepreneur, Mark McGuire

“The imagery of the setting is lavishly graphic, from the blend of ancient and modern architecture, crystal blue waters, and breath-taking island views to the tumultuous streets due to economic distress.”  – Readers’ Favorite Reviews, Cheryl Rodriguez

“Chasing Athens is a great story. While there are some truly fun comedic moments, there’s a realistic weight of subject.” – The Rabid Readers Reviews

“I’d definitely recommend it to those who are feeling a little wanderlust.” – Annabel and Alice Chick-Lit Reviews, Annabel Krantz



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