Chasing Athens Nominated! Vote for Best Books of 2015

Chasing Athens Nominated! Vote for Best Books of 2015

Very excited that Chasing Athens has been nominated for the best Independent Book Cover of 2015.

Book blogger Marc Zirogiannis of Marc’s Book Shelf  features independent authors, self-published works, small publishers and niche market publishers on his site.

His team has been gathering nominations for anyone to vote for the best independent books of 2015.

I am really happy that Chasing Athens has been nominated as the Best Independent Book Cover of 2015.

My novel was first published by Musa Publishing, a wonderful romance genre publisher based in the U.S.  Unfortunately, like many smaller publishers, Musa had to shut its doors.

While it was stressful news to take in at the time, looking back I was really lucky I had the opportunity to work with them.  The editors at Musa took a chance on a new author (me!) with no experience in the novel publishing world.  They were so professional and driven, so it was shock to learn the news. Isn’t that life? Sometimes it serves you lemons but you have to make lemonade. So, I did.

With my publishing rights returned to me and thanks to the digital revolution, Chasing Athens made the transition to being an independently published book, available online and in print as usual. It ended up being a pretty seamless transition. I am better for the experience.

My cover was designed by Kelly Shorten, the lead graphic designer with my former publisher Musa Publishing.  We went through many ideas (as a team does in this important process) and when she came out with the cover, I really loved it.  It has that classic romantic comedy illustrative look with a women’s fiction touch. Plus, I love yellow.  I hope you liked the cover, too!  In that case — vote — and support indie authors.

Click on this link to vote:

Here are Marc’s rules:

  1. Voting is open from March 1st until Midnight of March 15, 2016;
  2. Voters may vote for one or all categories;
  3. Voters may vote every day, if desired;
  4. Winners will be announced on March 16, 2016.

Two friends are nominated in the best independent fiction book category: Rebecca Hall, author of Girl Gone Greek and Daphne Kapsali, author of 100 Days of Solitude.

Thanks for your support!

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