“Fantastic Greek Summer Reads: The Greece in Me” Box Set

“Fantastic Greek Summer Reads: The Greece in Me” Box Set

If you are looking for some fantastic Greek summer reads, look no further…

I’m proud to be part of a team of authors collaborating on a fun summer eBook bundle. If you haven’t read Girl Gone Greek by Rebecca A. Hall or Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing by Ekaterina Botziou — put it on your beach reading list now! For just 99 cents/pence. Spread the word!

Here are the links:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Hope you have amazing plans this summer and plan to get lots of great reads in!

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Unique Three-eBook Box Set on Sale for .99 on Amazon

(ATHENS, Greece and LONDON, UK) 24 Jun 2016 – Just in time for beach season, the “Fantastic Greek Summer Reads: The Greece in Me” box set is available for a limited time on Amazon for .99.

The eBook bundle features three books: “Chasing Athens” by Marissa Tejada, a romantic comedy/women’s fiction novel; “Girl Gone Greek” by Rebecca Hall, a coming of age/contemporary women’s fiction novel; and “Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing” by Ekaterina Botziou; a Greek life guide/memoir.  Each book in the collection tells an inspiring story in which Greece is integral to the setting and also proves to be an important “character” in each book.

This eBook box set will be available at special launch price of .99 on all Amazon sites from June 24, 2016 until August 1, 2016.  From August 1, 2016 the eBook bundle will be available for 6.99.

CHASING ATHENS by Marissa Tejada

Touching on the expat experience, Tejada tells a fantastic story of heartbreak and self-discovery to define the meaning of home….

Uncertain of her future after a heart-breaking split, American expat Ava Martin throws herself into the thick of Athenian reality and soon discovers that the tumultuous, culture rich Mediterranean country is coloring her life in a way no place else can, changing her forever.

GIRL GONE GREEK by Rebecca A. Hall

A tale of self-discovery and realisation that home and belonging don’t necessarily have to be your birthplace…

When Rachel moved to Greece to escape a life of social conformity, she found a country of unconventional characters and economic turmoil. The last thing she expected was to fall in love with the chaos that reigned about her.


Part memoir, part rant, part survival guide.  A witty cautionary tale of Greek love and life…

Growing up in a semi-Greek household, Ekaterina Botziou spent much of her childhood defying her father’s wishes for her to learn to play the bouzouki, and refusing third helpings of moussaka. Unfortunately, Zeus had other ideas and in a twist of fate some years later, Ekaterina found herself married to a Greek-Cypriot and battling against the stale old laws of Greek tradition.

About the “Fantastic Greek Summer Reads: The Greece in Me” Box Set:

“Fantastic Greek Summer Reads: The Greece in Me” three-eBook box set is available on all Amazon Kindle worldwide starting on 24 June 2016.   Links: Amazon UK / Amazon US




The following quotes are a collection of reviews about the books included in the “Fantastic Greek Summer Reads: The Greece in Me” three-eBook box set. The box set is available on all Amazon Kindle worldwide starting on 24 June 2016.

What people are saying about…


 “Chasing Athens” by Marissa Tejada

“The imagery of the setting is lavishly graphic, from the blend of ancient and modern architecture, crystal blue waters, and breath-taking island views to the tumultuous streets due to economic distress.”

“When was the last time you searched for a new book only to find yourself drawn into it so quickly that you could not put the book down? Somehow I have a feeling this will become a classic traveller story.”

“Chasing Athens is a fantastic story of heartbreak, self-discovery and finding love again. I really loved how Marissa depicted Athens so that it came alive for the reader.”

“Girl Gone Greek” by Rebecca A. Hall

  • “Girl Gone Greek” is celebrating its one-year anniversary with the launch of the eBook box set.  For more from the author visit: www.lifebeyondbordersblog.com

“It is really refreshing to read something that is a love story, but not between the typical man and women but through friendships and a love of a country.”

“The author’s writing style helps the narrative flow, resulting in a quick, light yet delightfully fun read. I feel like I am right there with Rachel, seeing what she sees and feeling what she feels.”

“A sensitive tale of a fairly naive young lady whose eyes are opened to a different culture and different ways of life as she ventures to live in the warmth and blue skies of a Mediterranean village.”

 “Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing” by Ekaterina Botziou

“I have never laughed so much. It was almost like Ekaterina was writing about me! Congratulations Ekaterina on a well written book that will make Greeks/Cypriots and anybody else in the world laugh. It’s a great medicine.”

“Such a fantastic read, it had me laughing all the way through! Coming from a multicultural background myself, I could relate to many of the crazy family experiences recounted in the book.”

“Ekaterina Boziou has a sharp, critical eye and an amazing sense of humour which make up a refreshing, witty, passionate, original and inventive narrative.”

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